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Who are we?

Ideaction is all about the next wave of innovation.

We are interested in the new strategies, leadership and models of a participation age.

Founder and CEO Michelle is a strategic connector, collaborator, innovator, community builder, public speaker and entrepreneur, and is currently writing her book “Participation is the new consumption.”

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Michelle Williams

CEO & Founder

Michelle is passionate about creativity and innovation in developing new business and governance models that are needed and relevant in the 21st Century thanks to technology and community, values and purpose, and emerging participation and individual empowerment.

Michelle has over 10 years experience in the communications, technology and social innovation sectors as marketing manager and project manager.

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Tony Abbott graffit social media

“Social media is electronic graffiti” comments are reminiscent of record companies dismissal of this Internet thingy

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Tony Abbott, the Australian PM (for now) has again stated that social media is electronic graffiti. These comments of course show how out of touch he is. They are also reminiscent of the same dismissal that media moguls and the record industry had on this new Internet sharing thingy. Back then social media had not been invented, many were blogging and communicating in forums and sharing files on p2p sites.

List 3 'Participation Economy' design principles for their place and their lifestyle...

Community Management Fundamentals

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Community is fundamental to new business and governance models in the participation economy. There is also a big difference between managing social media platforms and community management. To capture the fundamentals of what community management means I like this slideshare. Are you a community manager? Community Management Fundamentals from The Community Roundtable

The view from Hubud

What does it mean to be a participant?

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I’m currently in Ubud Bali with a focused intention of writing this book “Participation is the new Consumption”. It’s humid, another thunderstorm is rolling in and I have pulled up my seat at Hubud, a co-working space for the changing world with freelancers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads forming a community that are connected to the global workplace. I feel inspired and refreshed.

Past Events

Future of Marketing event

Held Tues September 30 at Hub Sydney

Marketing is no longer a strategy off to the edge of a business, it is now a core strategy integrated across the rest of the business from customer service to logistics. This is a must for anyone currently in marketing or even wanting to know what their role is in this newly integrated marketing era.

The Future of Money

Held August 4 at Hub Sydney

The recent Future of Money event was a great success great buzz about the emerging opportunities and innovations in the space. Kim Heras talked about Australia’s FinTech community:“It’s a natural fit for Australian’s to be playing in the FinTech space” @kimheras – Future of Money event. Read more here

Participation Economy, Vivid Ideas ’14

Held June 2 2014, part of Vivid Ideas

Let’s create the future. For individuals who are interested in better ways of experiencing their world whether that be their working culture, new forms of learning and education, new forms of money, by preventive health care, and with how we interact with our urban environment creatively and collectively. photos here



Business for purpose and values workshop

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Future of Money event

Workshop image

Participation Economy event – Vivid Ideas 2014

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Participatory Revolution event – Take Part 13


Indigenous Innovation Unconference


Social Entrepreneur Documentary


Social Innovation Sydney

The Lean Startup Circle crowd

Lean Startup event with Eric Ries, Sydney