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Who are we?

Ideaction is all about the next wave of innovation.

We are interested in the new strategies, leadership and models of a participation age.

Founder and CEO Michelle is a strategic connector, collaborator, innovator, community builder, public speaker and entrepreneur, and is currently writing her book “Participation is the new consumption.”

StartupWeek Sydney 2015

In 2015, Ideaction produced the biggest inaugural StartupWeek in the world.
Organising from the ground up, the distributed festival was designed by the community and run by the community. Engaging event organisers, government and corporate partners and media StartupWeek Sydney 2015 included 63 events at 39 venues and 8000 attendees.
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Our approach combines an understanding of the next wave of innovation, and the practical experience from multiple projects across industries and government.

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Author and thought leader on meaningful participation.

Michelle has spoken at major conferences and leadership events across Australia and New Zealand.

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Author & writer

Writing “Participation is the new consumption”, release mid-late 2015.

“Society is fast changing and we have the chance to shape it, each of us, as participants who are more individually empowered than ever in human history”. read more


Ideaction has run numerous events and workshops from Vivid Ideas to City of Sydney to students at UTS to Financial Managers at AMP.

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Community Organising

Using online and offline tools, community building and enabling purpose and meaning we show you the path to channeling participation for your project / organisation.

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Ecosystem design

Talk to us strengthening your ecosystem and community.

Whether that be facilitated workshops or multi layered festival, Ideaction will work with you for the bets outcome.

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What they say…

""We are in the midst of a Big Shift that is transforming our global business landscape. Michelle Williams has been playing a key role in helping us to rediscover our agency - the fact that we each must move from being passive observers and consumers to active participants helping to shape the world around us. This has deep implications for all of us as individuals but it also will profoundly change how we do business. Her research, analytic frameworks and stories will help us to both make sense and make progress in what can appear to be a world of turmoil and uncertainty. Your agency begins now - help to make this book a reality." - John Hagel, Chair of the Silicon Valley based Centre for the Edge. "

− John Hagel, Chair of the Silicon Valley based Centre for the Edge - part of Deloitte

""As an educator, I have seen the emergence of the participation revolution in universities across the world. We have moved from treating students as empty vessels waiting to be filled with knowledge, to active agents and participants in their education - and as a result, they have thrived. The difference is fundamental for the future of our economy, society and culture.

But this is not a trend limited to the world of education, it crosses industries - and those who have adapted, have thrived. Michelle is at the centre of this this disruptive change - and it is an exciting time to be part of it. Her vision gives us a roadmap to a world whose roads are yet to be built'."

− Prof. James Arvanitakis, author, academic, activist, winner of the 2012 Prime Minister's University Teacher of the Year

""The role we can play in society is changing. We are no longer passive consumers but empowered participants who can create, share, collaborate and exchange in ways never possible before. I am curious to read Michelle's exploration into what this means for us individuals looking at the benefits and the pitfalls we need to overcome in a new participation driven world.""

− Rachel Botsman, Social innovator, author of What's Mine is Yours and keynote speaker

"'Michelle Williams is a woman with a big vision for a different way for us to engage with our world. Drawing on her rich perspective of what no longer works in business and governance, in her book, Participation is the New Consumption, she offers us a new way to be more connected to ourselves and each other; and to use the gifts of technology to be more empowered. Every now and then someone speaks the truth about a future we can't quite envisage." "

− Joanne Fedler, accomplished author of 9 books, including global bestseller When Hungry, Eat.
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We are Participants. We are Ideaction.

Michelle Williams
CEO & Founder

Founder and CEO Michelle is a strategic connector, collaborator, innovator, community builder, public speaker and entrepreneur, and is currently writing her book “Participation is the new consumption”.

Michelle has over 15 years experience in the communications, technology and social innovation sectors as marketing manager and project manager.

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Democratisation of Innovation – the third wave is here

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“Michelle, we love what you talk about, but we have no idea how to make money out of it.” I had completed a presentation on social innovation at one of the first SydStart’s, held at UTS, in Ultimo. People were focused on the content, but without that missing piece, there was no way to hold their attention, or to have them participating in helping to build the momentum.

Blockchain workshop SuWSyd

2015 – a year of realisation and growth

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2015, A year of realisation and growth. This is a time a new beginnings, perspectives and opportunities both for me and across the ecosystem. The sun shines once more after days of rain. The sunbeams prickle my skin releasing that summer feel of joy and freedom. The smell of the sea breeze calms the internal sense of discomfort — there are actions to be taken now decisions have been made. Signs and situations remind me how important it is to know myself, to trust my own inner wisdom and my inner strength.

FinTech Vivid Ideas event May 2015

Sydney FinTech ecosystem Report Community engagement and  discussion paper – Michelle Williams, June 2015

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Key insights ­ – Opportunity cost ­ hard to be motivated to leave if have high paying job. Risks are high ­ Lack of required skills to build startups available in Australia with some using New Zealand or Asian talent ­ – Fear that the job many in the Financial Services industry have today will not be available in 5-­10 years ­ – The legacy systems of the banks are increasingly causing issues for both FinTech companies that want to work with them and the bank’s own customers ­

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